Founded in 2001, BRS Institute is the international leader in variety of training courses, with offices in middle east.
Helping professionals stay at the top of their game has always been at the core of our mission. To this effect we have developed and focused on seminars, conferences, and symposia on the wide-ranging needs of our clients who are charged with controlling complex systems and business environments. Our unique course curriculum covers the most up-to-date topics, and delivers the information needed to be successful in today’s organizations.
All our programs are led by industry experts, who have been in the field and who practice what they teach. Attendees of BRS Institute events benefit from unbiased practices, proven strategies, and lessons learned in the real-world. we are committed to providing high quality services to our customers and strive to continually improve our service provision. We concentrate on Building a mutually profitable relationship with our customers ensuring their long-term success
♦ Adopting a comprehensive approach integrated with our clients’ needs to satisfy customer
♦  Achieving our commitment to quality, cost-effectiveness and schedule
♦  fulfilling customer satisfaction in any aspect of our work
The service that we provide is inspired by values from our clients, such as; cultural values :
loyalty, Integrity and Clarity and Honesty
We act considering the interests of our stakeholders and society we deliver our services, focusing on professionalism, customer service excellence and adding value, We help our customers to define their requirements, and work together to identify solutions, We are responsive and flexible in meeting our customers’ needs.
Client Feedback,
At the end of each course we measure our clients feedback through surveying our performance by asking our clients to comment and we analyze this information and utilize the feedback to continually review and improve our levels of client satisfaction and the services that we provide and conclude to redeem our deficiencies.