BRS INSTITUTE have been training teachers for over 20 years, and our name is widely respected in the field of teaching.

All tutors teaching are experienced, highly qualified, and are regulated as part of the BRS Inspections process. As a result, those who have trained with BRS are sought after by employers.

From your initial teacher training to continued professional development as your career progresses, you can choose to study through our online courses or at one of our teacher training centers in locations around the world.


If you have been a teacher for a while and would like to broaden your knowledge of teaching or specialize in a specific area, consider studying with BRS INSTITUTE.  

You can learn online or take a specialist course at one of our Teacher Training centers around the world which offer specialist methodology, management, and short courses.


To teach in BRS, you are required to hold a valid BRS teaching certificate. Your first step is to apply for Provisional Professional Certification (PPC) so that BRS Education can assess your educational and professional qualifications. If you meet the requirements, the PPC allows you to teach anywhere and is valid for 3 years. When you meet all the requirements for Stable Professional Certification (SPC).